Don’t Sit Down, Get up and PLAY!

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Don’t Sit Down, Get up and PLAY!

I know you all remember these desks all too well. Organizing your books (saving your gum for later so the teacher wouldn’t see). Sticking your favorite sticker to the insides to make you smile throughout the day. Yes, these desks and tables served many purposes in our classrooms, and teaching us anything wasn’t one of them!

Although we will have tables (and maybe a desk or two) in some of our classrooms, North Tampa Christian Explorers is determined to make sure our little ones are up, moving, and getting their hands, along with their minds, right into learning.

Our Reggio inspired approach will give us the flexibility to facilitate exploration through every classroom and even outdoor space. We will use activities and materials that promote creativity engaging the child’s imagination and allowing them to make their own connections from their work and play to their curriculum and learning objectives.

Play turns learning into practice. Our teachers will be trained in how to use their play spaces as a tool to further apply educational concepts. Play will also be an opportunity to teach children character development skills such as positive communication, language development, respect, conflict resolution, and courteousness.

Learning will be VERY active leaving very little time to sit (and save gum). Expect your little ones to come home enthusiastic about their day’s work… and play!

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