Highlights From Our Head

//Highlights From Our Head

Highlights From Our Head

Enrollment Numbers Rising!

It’s clear that NTCA is the school North Tampa has been waiting for! We continue to receive an increasing number of applications each week. Please watch the mail for your acceptance letter and follow all steps closely to ensure that your child’s slot is reserved. If you have not yet applied, now is the time! Some of our grade levels will soon have waiting lists.

New Chef Chosen for NTCA

A group of hungry students and faculty gathered on April 26th to get to the serious task of choosing a food service provider for North Tampa Christian Academy. The group consisted of three school staff members, and most importantly, a student representative from the 3rd, 7th and 12th grades.

The task was to interview the prospective chefs, taste their food, and decide which could provide the most delicious, visually appealing, and healthy food for our school.

All agreed that Heather Barr met and exceeded all the criteria. For the taste test Heather created an Instagram-worthy hummus wrap that was as delicious as it was beautiful. Then she blew the committee away with her jackfruit barbecue sliders and coleslaw. You’ve gotta try it!

In the sample menus Heather provided, along with the food she presented in the taste testing, it was obvious that she understood that fun healthy food for young students can be creative, appealing to the eye, and taste delicious!

We look forward to enjoying many wonderful meals from Heather’s kitchen.

Heather Barr

NTCA Amazon WishList Needs Your Help!

Please help us spread the word! Our Amazon Wishlist is up and running! We have something for everyone to stock our learning communities and playgrounds. From a $10 spectroscope to a $50 Fragile Specimen Viewer to a $229 Sand and Water Table to a $1400 Quadcopter Drone—we are eagerly awaiting your package in the mail!

Here is the link: Click Here

Please note the instructions at the top of the page for ordering and mailing. We would be delighted to receive an item of any size or price range. It is just so encouraging to know that you are out there rooting for our program and supporting our kids.

In addition to placing your order, we are requesting that you email this link to your friends and family, encouraging them to join you in your support of NTCA.

Let’s see how we can do in the next month. I will send a report listing the items that come in!

School Mascot Contest Open to Incoming Students

Hey, students! We are relying on you! The official NTCA school mascot contest is up and running through August 6. We would like to have a new mascot to introduce on our first day of school! (Remember that the Explorers opens its doors on August 13 and our K-12 students will arrive on August 20.)

Please think about the Core Values of NTCA and come up with a mascot that you feel is a match for our school. Remember that the first letter in each of our Core Values spells the words “True North.” You will find the Core Values and their descriptions here:


To enter our contest, send an email to mascot@northtampachristian.org. Include your name, the grade you will be entering, and a paragraph explaining why you feel this is the ideal mascot for NTCA. (Young children may dictate their paragraph to a parent.) Feel free to include a picture! We look forward to hearing from you!

Merili Wyatte
Director of Early Childhood Program

North Tampa Christian Explorers Holds First Board Meeting

We are pleased to announce that the youngest members of our campus are well represented with our newly formed Explorers Board. We are very grateful to those who volunteer their time, talents, and energy to help us achieve excellence on all fronts.

Along with the standard board items, Merili Wyatte, Director of our Early Childhood Program, provided members with an inservice on our Regggio Emilia Inspired approach to early childhood education.

“We believe in fostering children’s curiosity,” she stated. “We want our students to explore their world and find answers to their own questions. As teachers, we are here to facilitate very rich learning.”

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